Automatic Sliding Doors Ringwood

CDA supply and install high quality automatic sliding doors for properties across the Ringwood region. These stunning aluminium sliding doors are a stunning choice for commercial properties and public buildings. Extremely versatile in their application, they will bring an extra level of style and performance to your property. Whatever you need, we’ll have a sliding door that suits your requirements.

Upgrading to automatic sliding doors is sure to bring a wealth of features and benefits for your Ringwood property. Get in touch with our team to find out more about our sliding doors today.

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Durable Automatic Sliding Doors

Aluminium provides our automatic sliding doors with a fantastic level of durability. Naturally resistant to the effects of weathering and ageing, they’ll provide a hassle free performance for years or even decades to come. They’ll provide a long lasting and smooth performance that lasts the test of time.

Our range of sliding doors have been specially designed with longevity in mind. Built with the very best available materials and latest manufacturing methods, your Ringwood property will benefit from our aluminium doors. Forget about rust, warping or swelling; you’ll have a very durable performance.

If your property in Ringwood currently experiences a large amount of foot traffic and footfall, our automatic sliding doors could be exactly what you need!

Safety & Security Features

Aluminium is well known for the astounding strength that it provides. Highly impact resistant, it’ll have no problem withstanding the rigours of high daily traffic. This makes it the perfect material for our automatic sliding doors. Our aluminium sliding doors are the perfect choice for your Ringwood property.

Several other features ensure that our automatic sliding doors will offer a safe performance. Using high quality frames, you can be sure that our sliding doors are highly resilient. They’re also double glazed as standard. We have a variety of glass choices on offer, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your Ringwood property. We can also equip them with escape route safety systems if needed.


Quality Performance

To provide the very best usability for customers, our automatic sliding doors provide a smooth opening function. Flat and opening in a linear way, they’ll make life simple for both your employees and visitors to your property. This is particularly beneficial if space is a premium for your location. Using the latest obstacle detection systems, they’ll always detect when a user is nearby.

In fact, the detection system is smart enough to know when a user or an object is causing a blockage. In this instance, the automatic sliding doors will disable the automatic closing system, ensuring a smooth and safe performance.


Having automatic sliding doors for your business can make a big impact for your customers. Attractive and convenient, they’ll take any and all hassle out of your customers’ experience. As a knock on effect, you could experience more footfall for your Ringwood property, helping to improve your business.

Accessibility has become increasingly vital for customers. Automatic sliding doors are the best solution in this regarding opening up your business for every customer. Open up your business and create a truly accessible property with these stunning sliding doors.

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Smooth Operating Electric Doors

Using the very latest technology, our automatic sliding doors will open and close without issue. Incredibly smooth and sleek in their opening operation, you’ll have a completely non disruptive system. You’ll be able to focus entirely on operations and less on potential distractions.

Adaptable Sliding Doors for Your Ringwood Property

The first thing that your customers will see, automatic sliding doors could have a huge impact on your user experience. Our range of aluminium doors are highly versatile, compatible with a wide range of commercial shopfronts, curtain walling and double glazing.

Extremely flexible, our range of sliding doors will open up a wealth of possibilities for your business. You can choose between single or bi-parting automatic sliding doors. If you’re looking to save space, our single entrance doors are a smart choice. Larger commercial properties will see the benefit of our bi-parting sliding doors.

We can also place the drive unit in a way that suits your Ringwood business to create an elegant and seamless entrance for your building.

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Energy saving

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Our automatic sliding doors have been designed to offer energy saving opportunities for your business. In the long term, they could prove to be a cost effective and money saving opportunity for your business.

Being fully automated, these entrance doors will only open when they are in use. This minimises the amount of energy being used and required for their operation. You can never leave these automatic sliding doors open by accident, helping to keep heating costs to a minimum.

For more information about our range of sliding doors, get in touch with our staff either online or over the phone today!