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Commercial and Domestic Aluminium Ltd specialises in the manufacturing and installation of aluminium double glazing and curtain walling for car showrooms and dealerships. We are based in Southampton, but carry out our services throughout the UK.

We are professional car showroom builders and aluminium manufacturers. We have completed many car showroom installations for automobile brands such as Peugeot, Lexus, Hyundai, Toyota, Honda, Nissan and more.

With the ability to travel, we can assist with the design and build of any car showrooms in the UK.

Why Choose Us For Your Car Dealership Showroom Glazing?

CDA Ltd understands that car dealership constructions should be designed around showcasing your cars and, with that in mind, we can create a showroom with large panels of glazed curtain wall systems, sleek aluminium doors of many styles, and bespoke windows. We even offer aluminium glass balustrades which can be featured beautifully in your car showroom.

Our external designs will ensure that your vehicles remain the focal point for your customers. With our car showroom glazing systems, we can enhance the facade of your building.

Our coverage areas are extensive. We work anywhere in the South (such as Hampshire, Sussex, Devon, Surrey and Kent) to the Midlands (such as Worcestershire and Leicestershire). We even can carry out a car showroom project for you in the North of England (such as Lancashire, Northumberland and Yorkshire) as well Scotland and Wales.

Car Showroom Construction Companies Southampton

Peugeot Car Showroom – Curtain Walling & Automatic Doors by CDA Ltd

Car Showroom Design Requirements

There are many standard requirements and designs that car showrooms in the UK follow.

One of the top requirements for a car showroom is the visibility of the building. It is also very important that the premises are kept cool for their customers and the vehicles inside.

Our aluminium curtain walling is fully glazed to create an eye catching exterior, makes a design statement and increases the visibility of the cars on sale. Our glass wall system is also thermally efficient which will help the temperature by reflecting some heat from the sunshine and by retaining heat during the colder months.

The lighting of car showrooms is always well thought out. Specific lighting is used to display cars at their finest to show off their exact colour and bodywork. The correct lighting also creates the perfect mood for the customers.

Our curtain walling and glass doors will allow natural light to flood into your showroom.

Our aluminium glazing systems can be made entirely bespoke, so we can achieve the look that you envision.

Hyundai Car Showroom Curtain Walling, Crawley

Hyundai Car Showroom Construction in Crawley

Aluminium Double Glazing for Vehicle Showrooms

As a construction company, double glazing installer and aluminium manufacturer, CDA Ltd have an unlimited range of designs and options for the exterior of your showroom.

Curtain Wall Installations

Our thermally broken curtain walling is the perfect option if you are looking to create a wall of glass to showcase your vehicles. We offer ladder frame curtain walling as a priority, but we do also provide stick built curtain walling.

Not only does a wall of glass create a beautiful and modern look, but it can be customised to match your brand and will enhance your property.

The curtain wall systems that generally make up the exterior of a car showroom will act as a window, but offers a consistent amount of glass and super sleek aluminium framing across the whole property.

Our glazed wall systems combine thermal efficient properties with low Ug values which plays a considerable part in temperature control.

Volvo Car Showroom Construction Southampton

Volvo Car Showroom Build – Lipscombe

Ribbon Aluminium Windows

The profiles of our aluminium windows are sourced from market leading brands and are manufactured at our warehouse in Southampton. This means that we offer you the freedom to customise your windows fully.

If you are looking at designing and building a car showroom, or perhaps you are looking to enhance your existing unit, our ribbon aluminium windows are best used internally in your offices, customer spaces and lounge areas. By cutting into the cladding and installing aluminium windows, you can create a sense of natural light and space in your showroom office.

Ribbon Windows for Car Showrooms, Southampton

Ribbon Windows for Commercial Buildings – Excellent Choice for Car Showrooms

Aluminium Doors

The entrance to any car showroom must be functional, hard wearing, practical, and just as eye catching as the curtain walls and branding. With this, we offer high quality automatic doors.

Our automatic sliding doors are the perfect solution for car showrooms throughout the UK that receive heavy footfall. They are built using state of the art technology and are incredibly durable and hard wearing.

We can also install large aluminium sliding doors that can be combined to create the perfect entrance and exit point for showcased vehicles. When building your car showroom, we consider your customers and the cars.

Automatic Sliding Doors for Car Showrooms

Automatic Sliding Doors for the Crawley Hyundai Showroom

Internal Glass Balustrades

If you are looking for something unique but want to keep the design consistent with your glazed curtain walls, our glass balustrades make a safe and beautiful addition to any car showroom.

We can offer glass balustrades for internal showroom use. For example, they can be used inside the dealership to create customer friendly barriers and segments around some of your most beautiful vehicles.

Car Showroom Aluminium Colours

Our aluminium windows and doors that are suitable for car showrooms can be manufactured into a range of many colours. We offer our aluminium in the full array of RAL colours meaning you can match your car showroom double glazing and curtain wall systems to compliment your brand.

View our brochure below for an idea of our colour range.

Car Showroom Glazing From Commerical & Domestic Aluminium, Southampton

If you are interested in using CDA Ltd for your car showroom in the United Kingdom, please contact us today on 02380 224 900 or send us a message.

We will provide you with an outstanding showroom, expert manufacturing and construction skills, high-quality commercial aluminium systems, and an excellent customer service.

For prices on our products and services that you require for your car dealership project, contact us today.

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