Aluminium Windows and Doors Eastleigh

Aluminium windows and doors are a fantastic investment for residential and commercial projects in Eastleigh. Aluminium is one of the strongest materials available on the market, improving the look and performance of a property.

Aluminium profiles come with a huge array of benefits, including enhanced levels of thermal efficiency, weatherproofing, and security without compromising on kerb appeal. Crafted using premium quality materials, they are a long lasting investment for modern and traditional projects.

We offer a diverse range of styles of aluminium window and doors to choose from. Our experts will adapt these windows and doors to a range of styles and sizes, accommodating any type of architecture. Our range includes bifold doorspatio doors, and French doors.

Whether you have a home installation, showrooms, or a commercial storefronts, we can customise our aluminium windows and doors to your needs. Our team are experienced in working in both new builds and transforming existing spaces. Get in touch with our expert team today to find out about our products, prices, and services. Use our online quoting engine to get a hassle free price today!

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors, Eastleigh

Sleek Aluminium Windows and Doors For Eastleigh Properties

Because aluminium is inherently robust, it can handle expansive glazing panes with slim sightlines. We can create slim aluminium windows and doors without compromising on thermal efficiency or security.

By installing sleek profiles, you can open up a space and create a bright and welcoming environment in an Eastleigh property. Brighter space may appear bigger and brighter than previously, adding kerb appeal.

While also being durable, aluminium windows and doors have the added advantage of being easy to maintain. The framework will not bow, warp or distort over time or with wear. Generally, a quick clean of the glass and frame every few months will help remove grime and keep the aluminium windows and doors looking shiny.

Aluminium Windows for Homes in Eastleigh

Bespoke Aluminium Windows and Doors

We work with Eastleigh customers to ensure they get the perfect installation for their architecture, existing double glazing, and personal requirements. Choose from 200 different RAL colours which range from bold tones to more subtle hues.

We even offer textured finishes which mimic the look of authentic timber which none of the maintenance issues. Our woodgrain finishes are ideal for heritage homes. We even offer dual colour systems, so the windows and doors can match the interior and exterior.

All the shades are long lasting, ideal for commercial applications where they are frequently used. For more information, contact our team.

View our aluminium colour guide below:



High Performing Aluminium Windows and Doors

Our range of aluminium windows and doors are a premium quality installation for properties in Eastleigh and the surrounding areas. They are double glazed, ensuring they offer enhanced levels of durability, energy efficiency, and security.

Aluminium windows and doors can easily improve the thermal performance of a property thanks to the double glazing and thermal breaks. The polyamide technology of our aluminium windows and doors will help a building better retain heat. This will make a building more efficient, helping to minimise annual energy bills.

Aluminium windows and doors have can last up to three decades with minimal upkeep. This is because aluminium is considerably more resistant to force and the elements. Unlike timber alternatives, these profiles won’t warp or rot. The high strength to weight ratio of aluminium makes these windows and doors harder to dent.

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Environmentally Friendly Aluminium Solutions

Aluminium is a fully sustainable material because we don’t believe our home improvement installations should have a negative impact on the planet. Aluminium windows and doors are 100% recyclable and non-toxic, improving the carbon footprint of your property.

When these windows and doors reach the end of their long life, they will not end up in landfill. They can be recycled and reused for many years to come. Recycling aluminium requires just five per cent of the initial energy consumed to create it.

If you want to minimise the environmental impact of your Eastleigh property, our aluminium windows and doors are a fantastic solution. The double glazing will help a space better retain heat, minimising energy bills and boost sustainability.


Aluminium Windows and Doors Prices Eastleigh

Use our free online quoting engine to get a price tailored to your double glazing installation process. Input your Eastleigh project specifications to generate a no obligation price.

For more information or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. Use our online contact form or call us at 02380 224900. Our team will be on hand to offer advice, answer questions and help you make an informed decision on your aluminium window and door installation.